Virtual Series & Spin Off Ideas!

If you could create your own spin off or virtual series about any Slayerverse character(s) from the First Slayer to Fray, what would your series be about? Why do you think that the character or group has some more adventures in them?

If you can't think of a spin off of your own, which fan or proposed spin off is your fave? Don't hesitate to post links!

What non-canon pairings do you like?

While the Angel/Buffy and Spike/Buffy camps have their charms and scooby pairings like Willow/Tara and Xander/Cordy are great, aren't there sometimes when you just wonder what would happen if two random characters like Lilah Morgan and Spike got together? I'm a multishipper so I love coming up with interesting pairings and trying to make them work like Buffy and Gunn. What non-canon pairings do you like and why do you think they would be good together, even if they never met?

The Puppet Show

Is there a version of the Puppet Show with extra Sid material at the very end? I was watching on Teen Nick, and I thought I heard him saying something about "I don't get it" but I wasn't paying enough attention. Now it's gonna make me crazy lol

Fandom's Little Black Dress

Spike has been called the little black dress of the Buffyverse because one can ship him with pretty much any character from Angel to Xander. The impulsive vampire with the punk demeanor and poet's heart is shipped heavily in fandom. Do you ship Spike with many different characters or just one? If you ship Spike with another character, canon pairing or otherwise, who and why?

EDIT: I just got back from work so I haven't monitored this post but belated, I want to remind people that pairing or character bashing is not accepted. Just because you don't understand why someone would ship Spike and Halfrek, for instance, doesn't mean that you have to bash the ship. There are ways to express dislike of a pairing and ship without bashing. The show is over and we're all having fun so there is no need to start up old ship wars.

Fanged Four & the Order of Aurelius

Inspired by fantas_magoria Fanged Four week, I wondered what you thought about vampiric society and groups like the Order of Aurelius and gangs like the Fanged Four. Joss Whedon's worldbuilding is low on details for this point, but how do you think that vampires organized themselves? It seems like vampires weren't considered very high on the demon hierarchy so perhaps that is why they nest. They seemed to have groups but I never quite figured out if there was a pattern beyond what served the plot. What are your thoughts.?

Early or Later Seasons?

There seems to be a split in the fandom over which half of the series that people like the most. Some people like the early seasons more with the old school scoobies while others like the later seasons when the show gets more serious.Which do you prefer?

I've always enjoyed them for different reasons though I do admit that I rewatch the lighter seasons more often.

Mod wanted!

There's been no saturday polls or sunday questions for a while now. I've been a bit absent from the Jossverse fandom in the past few months and I just ran out of ideas for weekly questions. I feel like I've been neglecting this place a bit.
So, I was wondering whether any of you lovely people would like to be a moderator in this comm? It wouldn't take up a lot of time as I would only want you to do one thing. All you would have to do would be to think up a good question or discussion about any of Joss' work (Btvs, Ats, Firefly, Dollhouse etc) to post each week. You would be able to choose which day to post on.

If you are interested PM me tabitha666 or leave a comment below.

(no subject)

the other day i had a rather heated discussion with a friend about wes' behavior in the final episodes of AtS, i had another question i felt like asking here:

how many of you think that wes was suicidal in NFA? i think he was. one just does not go to attack a major wizard, and one as dangerous and knowledgeable about magic as vail, with a swiss army knife and a couple small fireballs that are not even capable of doing any significant damage. it was certain that he would be killed. the only two explanations i could think of are that a) he did not realize how reckless/careless he was, due to an unconscious desire to die, or b) he knew and went on his mission armed this way on purpose, hoping to commit (assisted) suicide. and he succeeded.

he had been clinically depressed (or worse) from "shells" onwards and i felt he had lost his desire to live once fred was consumed by illyria. i know he did tell illyria in NFA that he was not intending to die that night, but, to be honest, it was hard to believe him. all the other cues pointed at the very opposite. he may have said this because telling the truth, to him, would have amounted to admitting that illyria had defeated him. if he admitted that he was willing to die, it would mean that she had broken him by killing fred (and if he revealed that he did long for the "lie" she had offered him, it would indicate that he depended on her, on the fact that she wore fred's body and was able to assume fred's form at will, that she exerted control over him). i don't think he would have wanted to cave in like this - not until he found himself dying in illyria's arms.

what do you think?