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Rules and FAQ

Rules and FAQ!

Sections Descriptions:

The buffyquestions nominations include nominating a question or an answer that you think was the most interesting or the most comprehensive one. They run for a four season period. In this time you can make your choice.

Spring session:
  March 1 - May 1
Summer session: June 1 - August 1 
Autumn Session:  September 1 - November 1
Winter session:  December 1 - Februar 1

  Any nomination submitted later than these periods won't be accepted.
  • Voting:
(Voting begins on the same date when the nominations are over)

Spring session:  May 1 - May 15
Summer session: August 1 - August 15
Autumn Session: November 1 - November 15
Winter session:  Februar 1 - Februar 15

Nominations Rules:

• An author can have two nominations per category; self nominations are allowed and encouraged.
• Please fill out the form correctly with the url of the question/answer and the author’s email address.
• A mod can be nominated.


  • In order to win, the author whose question or answer has been nominated must reply to the email sent to them confirming their address and acceptance of nomination.

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