Staringiscaring (staringiscaring) wrote in buffyquestions,

What keeps you interested in the Whedonverse?

I've been participating in the Jossverse fandom for a decade now. I rewatch the shows regularly while having written over a hundred drabbles, ficlets, and series for the 'verse. I've shipped everyone from the commonplace pairing, Angel/Buffy to randomly enough, Eve and Dawn in fanworks. I've written meta and essays on the characters. These shows have been a big part of my life since 2001.

Yet, I still can't pinpoint that je ne sais quoi that makes the sho so special.

Sure, its clever and original but many shows can make that claim. It was a landmark show but it still had its flaws and failures. Maybe some of you can elaborate on why these shows still suck us in over fourteen years since "Welcome to the Hellmouth" premiered.

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