Staringiscaring (staringiscaring) wrote in buffyquestions,

Fandom's Little Black Dress

Spike has been called the little black dress of the Buffyverse because one can ship him with pretty much any character from Angel to Xander. The impulsive vampire with the punk demeanor and poet's heart is shipped heavily in fandom. Do you ship Spike with many different characters or just one? If you ship Spike with another character, canon pairing or otherwise, who and why?

EDIT: I just got back from work so I haven't monitored this post but belated, I want to remind people that pairing or character bashing is not accepted. Just because you don't understand why someone would ship Spike and Halfrek, for instance, doesn't mean that you have to bash the ship. There are ways to express dislike of a pairing and ship without bashing. The show is over and we're all having fun so there is no need to start up old ship wars.

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