Staringiscaring (staringiscaring) wrote in buffyquestions,

Finance in the Jossverse

How do you feel ME handled financial issues in the Jossverse?

While I love all four shows, I wasn't really impressed with the writers portrayal of personal finance especially in season six of Buffy. I feel like they could have written money issues much better  instead of going for a laughs when Buffy works at DoubleMeat Palace.They never really went into the roommate situation between Buffy, Willow, and Tara which is a shame because one would imagine that it would have baring on the three's relationships.  I'm of the opinion that they split rent, food, and utilities, unlike most opinions I've read of the situation, simply because I can't imagine how Buffy could have afforded it alone on a fast food salary or that Tara or Willow would have mooched off her. Another mystery was how Willow and Tara afforded to maintain the Summers' house and Dawn during the between between seasons five and six. I could see both having student loan money (and Willow getting cash regularly from her parents as well as tutoring on the side) but I always figured that Tara would have had to have a job of some kind since she was disowned by her family. ME did a good job with Xander's job hunt, but its a shame that they didn't even throw in a toss away line to give some sort of hint at what jobs Tara and Willow might have had.

Whats everyone else's thoughts on the subject?
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