buffymods2 (buffymods2) wrote in buffyquestions,

sunday question 1

As [info]pamsblau will be on hiatus for the summer, any questions or comments about the comm should be sent to me ([info]tabitha666) rather than the joint mod accounts ([info]buffymods and [info]buffymods2) as I only log into those once a week. As Pam is away for the summer the polls won't be posted regularly, so I will be posting 2 questions a week.

First question for this week is....

Is Seeing Red the most controversial episode in the Whedonverse? If not, what is?

This is open to all shows (Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse). As usual, interpret the question anyway you like.

Your Mods,

Tabi and Pam.
Tags: sunday questions
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