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Winifred Burkle started out as a case for Angel Investigations before the UCLA graduate student decided to become a member of the team. She battled her share of demons until she became the third soldier down in season five before her reincarnation as the host for Illyria, the Godking. What did you think of Fred? 
24 July 2011 @ 08:42 pm
 I just read a rumor about how Joss Whedon had originally wanted Willow to move over to Los Angeles after Buffy ended its run instead of Spike. The WB poo pooh'd the idea because they thought James Marsters would bring in higher ratings. James Marsters does have a fandom onto himself. In the end, he did a great job but lets speculate on what might have been. Does the idea make you go 'ooooo' or would you pass on Willow joining Wolfram & Hart?

 I thought that would have been very intriguing especially if JW had kept Willow's redemption arc moving and had Angel mentor her. Maybe more of the soul curse that she had placed on Angel, twice, might have been elaborated on. It seemed like some kind of entity overtook Willow during the spell yet nothing was really made of that.  I like Spike and thought he fit well on Angel but I think that Willow would have added a different dynamic to the halls of Wolfram and Hart. A magic fight between Willow and Vail would have been awesome in any case.

I would have added both of them just to fill the large Cordy-shaped hole in the cast, if I were Joss Whedon. I don't see Xander leaving Buffy's side or Giles's joining Angel so Willow and Spike are the few in the core cast that I could see working on Angel. I could see Oz appearing again however.

Also would have kept the place from being the sausage fest it turned out to be in the end. Hell, even Amy Acker was turned into a God King.
I've been participating in the Jossverse fandom for a decade now. I rewatch the shows regularly while having written over a hundred drabbles, ficlets, and series for the 'verse. I've shipped everyone from the commonplace pairing, Angel/Buffy to randomly enough, Eve and Dawn in fanworks. I've written meta and essays on the characters. These shows have been a big part of my life since 2001.

Yet, I still can't pinpoint that je ne sais quoi that makes the sho so special.

Sure, its clever and original but many shows can make that claim. It was a landmark show but it still had its flaws and failures. Maybe some of you can elaborate on why these shows still suck us in over fourteen years since "Welcome to the Hellmouth" premiered.
So rewatching Buffy this time (as I do often)... I noticed that both Spike and Angel kneel in front of Buffy (Angel, right after he returns from hell and Spike, during OMWF).

I'm sure this was purposeful... but I'm not sure what to think the purpose is.... what do you guys think?
03 July 2011 @ 10:22 pm
If you could create your own spin off or virtual series about any Slayerverse character(s) from the First Slayer to Fray, what would your series be about? Why do you think that the character or group has some more adventures in them?

If you can't think of a spin off of your own, which fan or proposed spin off is your fave? Don't hesitate to post links!
20 June 2011 @ 02:31 pm
While the Angel/Buffy and Spike/Buffy camps have their charms and scooby pairings like Willow/Tara and Xander/Cordy are great, aren't there sometimes when you just wonder what would happen if two random characters like Lilah Morgan and Spike got together? I'm a multishipper so I love coming up with interesting pairings and trying to make them work like Buffy and Gunn. What non-canon pairings do you like and why do you think they would be good together, even if they never met?
05 June 2011 @ 10:03 pm
Is there a version of the Puppet Show with extra Sid material at the very end? I was watching on Teen Nick, and I thought I heard him saying something about "I don't get it" but I wasn't paying enough attention. Now it's gonna make me crazy lol
27 May 2011 @ 07:09 pm
Spike has been called the little black dress of the Buffyverse because one can ship him with pretty much any character from Angel to Xander. The impulsive vampire with the punk demeanor and poet's heart is shipped heavily in fandom. Do you ship Spike with many different characters or just one? If you ship Spike with another character, canon pairing or otherwise, who and why?

EDIT: I just got back from work so I haven't monitored this post but belated, I want to remind people that pairing or character bashing is not accepted. Just because you don't understand why someone would ship Spike and Halfrek, for instance, doesn't mean that you have to bash the ship. There are ways to express dislike of a pairing and ship without bashing. The show is over and we're all having fun so there is no need to start up old ship wars.
15 May 2011 @ 06:50 pm
Inspired by fantas_magoria Fanged Four week, I wondered what you thought about vampiric society and groups like the Order of Aurelius and gangs like the Fanged Four. Joss Whedon's worldbuilding is low on details for this point, but how do you think that vampires organized themselves? It seems like vampires weren't considered very high on the demon hierarchy so perhaps that is why they nest. They seemed to have groups but I never quite figured out if there was a pattern beyond what served the plot. What are your thoughts.?
27 April 2011 @ 05:15 pm
There seems to be a split in the fandom over which half of the series that people like the most. Some people like the early seasons more with the old school scoobies while others like the later seasons when the show gets more serious.Which do you prefer?

I've always enjoyed them for different reasons though I do admit that I rewatch the lighter seasons more often.